What Are Prebiotics?

Specialized plant fiber that acts as food for the good bacteria. This stimulates growth among the preexisting good bacteria.

What Are Probiotics?

Living strains of bacteria that add to the population of good bacteria in your digestive system.

What Is A Synbiotic?

The term synbiotic is used when a product contains both probiotics and prebiotics, much like the combination of taking our Klean & Nourish together.

Why Is It Good To Take A Synbiotic?

The idea behind synbiotics is that adding prebiotics to a probiotic supplement can help ensure that the digestion-friendly microorganisms arrive in the gut alive and well. These supplements are said to be particularly useful for people with conditions like IBS, other bowel disorders, and diabetes.

Can I Use All The Klean Products Together?

Yes, all our formulas are designed to be used together.

What Food / Drinks Can I Mix My Klean With?

You can mix the Gut Cleansing powder products into all of your favorite drinks such as water, fruit juice or smoothies, as well as into any soft foods such as oats, porridge, pudding, or yogurt. You can also create fiber-rich recipes with it, such as muffins and cakes.

Does The Klean Powder Taste Nice?

It is deliciously, subtle and sweet! Unlike many gut cleansing powders on the market, it is naturally sweet and easy to drink.

What Makes Your Nourish Probiotics Better Than Others On The Market?

They contain 8 different species and are 10 Billion Spores! Our ingredients are of the highest quality. Some probiotics on the market are as little as 1 Billion Spores.

Will The Revive Capsules Make Me Feel Strange Like Some Other Weight Control Supplements?

No, our Revive Weight Control Capsules contain all natural ingredients that will not make you feel strange or ill. We do of course always recommend taking them with or after food.

How long before I see results?

Results vary depending on the product and the individual. Some products start working shortly after use, while others can take a few weeks before you see real results. Your best bet is to take a product consistently, as suggested, for a period of time to let your body take in the beneficial nutrients.

Are your products safe?

Absolutely! We have a strict set of processes in place to make sure every product you buy has the right strength, composition, purity, and quality of ingredients. Safety is our number one priority.

Can I Use Your Products If I Am Taking Other Medication?

Yes, absolutely. Our products are all very safe, however we do recommend you take your medication two hours before or after using the Klean Gut Cleansing Powder. We do also recommend that you check with your doctor before starting any new supplements if you're using any prescription medication.