8 Ways to Find Relief if You're Stuck With Constipation

Constipation most commonly occurs when stool moves too slowly through the digestive tract or cannot be effectively expelled from the rectum, which may cause the stool to become dry and hard (ouch). The good news is that you’re not alone if you suffer from chronic constipation - there are many possible causes and treatments!

 The normal length of time between bowel movements varies from person to person. Some people have them three times a day. Others have them just a few times a week. Whether you fall into the bracket of the former or the latter,  going longer than 3 or more days without one, is usually too long. Here are 8 ways you can help things move along and keep your gut functioning optimally:

Exercise regularly

Moving your body will keep your bowels moving, too. Whether it's running, swimming, cycling, or dancing, a cardio workout will increase your breathing, boost your heart rate, and stimulate your bowels. Even if you don't feel up to a full-on workout, just going for a brisk 30-minute walk can do wonders for your digestive system.

Adjust your toilet posture or try squatting (hear us out) 

It may be easier to poop if you squat, raise your legs, or lean back. Also, when people squat, studies show that they go more quickly. They also strain less and empty their bowels more completely as opposed to when they just sit on the toilet. By making it easier to poop, squatting might ease constipation and prevent hemorrhoids.

Check your medications

Here are a few common medications that can cause constipation. Try find a natural alternative to these medications where possible!


- Opioid pain relievers
- Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
- Antihistamines
- Antidepressants
- Urinary incontinence medications
- Iron supplements
- Blood pressure medications
- Anti-nausea medications


Press firmly into your belly and slide your hand in a circular motion up toward your ribs, across your belly, down to your left hip bone, and back across the bottom of your belly. Repeat 10 times.



Enemas are typically administered to help treat constipation. First, a small bottle or container is filled with a safe fluid, such as soap suds or a saline solution . Then the fluid is gently squired it into the rectum with a clean nozzle. This directs the solution into the bowels to clear hard or impacted poop. There is an option to administer these yourself at home, but if you’re a newbie, let the professionals help! 



Prebiotics are effective treatments for chronic constipation and showed improvement in the stool consistency, number of bowel moments and bloating. Not sure what prebiotics are or where to find them? We’re here to help! Prebiotics are compounds in food that induce the growth or activity of beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi (most commonly found in the gut). Prebiotic-rich foods include artichokes, asparagus, barley and chicory, but if you can’t get your hands on those items, it’s worth investing in a prebiotic-rich supplement that’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine! Klean’s range of Gut Cleansing Powders are packed with essential plant-based nutrients, potent digestive enzymes and fiber-rich prebiotics. This supplement is ideal for cleaning your digestive system, while proliferating a happy microbiome to support a healthy functioning metabolism.


Studies suggest that probiotics may relieve constipation related to pregnancy, certain medications, or digestive issues like IBS. High-quality probiotics are safe and effective, making them an excellent addition to a healthy diet to improve bowel regularity. Enter, Nourish Probiotic Capsules. Nourish is a proprietary blend of 20 billion beneficial probiotic species combined in perfect synchronicity for reconditioning your gut, boosting immunity, stimulating a healthy metabolism, and promoting balance in your gut.

Get enough fiber

Fiber has long been claimed to help prevent and relieve constipation. Soluble fiber absorbs water, helping stools stay large and soft. This may help improve the movement of stool through your digestive tract. Here’s a yummy fiber-rich breakfast idea from the Klean Blog:

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What you’ll need

½ cup of oats
A pinch of salt to taste
A sprinkle of cinnamon
2 heaped teaspoons of Klean Powder
1 cup boiling water
Dash of milk/nut milk
A generous dollop of honey (The Olio Store Raw CBD Honey, preferably)
½ a tablespoon of nut butter

1. Add oats, dry ingredients and boiling water to a bowl
2. Pop into the micro for 2 minutes
3. Add milk, honey & your choice of nut butter
4. Give it all a good stir and enjoy!

Rolled oats are an excellent source of fiber. “In addition, the soluble fiber found in oats has been shown to help reduce your cholesterol levels,” says Toby Amidor, RD, award-winning nutrition expert and author of The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook. She likes overnight oats in particular because “[they're] an easy way to get off the hot oatmeal bandwagon, plus prep it the night before so you have nothing to do in the morning except eat it!" 

Gut Health Management isn’t a quick fix. It’s understanding your personal tools and triggers. By creating gut biosis (balanced environment for your gut to function optimally in), relief from constipation should be easy peasy, no more squeezy.