Aloe Ferox: a Topical and Nutrient-Dense Super Plant!

Aloe ferox is a tall single-stemmed aloe which has a wide distribution, ranging over 1000 km from the south western Cape through to southern KwaZulu-Natal. Aloe ferox is one of the most widely used medicinal plants today, with the most intense detoxifying action of all aloe species, being used in the treatment of various diseases, including obesity.

Aloe Vera VS Aloe Ferox

In Aloe Ferox, the bitter Aloin is found just under the skin and can be easily separated from the gel-like inner leaf. However, in Aloe Vera, the Aloin is found throughout the leaf and is extracted via a chemical process. Aloe Ferox, unlike Aloe Vera, never has to be filtered. 
Scientifically proven to penetrate the skin to the deepest layer, Aloe Ferox is ideal for skin care. Rich in amino acids (the building blocks for new cells which make up healthy skin), Aloe Ferox is 20 times higher in bitter sap containing Aloin and has twice the number of amino acids than Aloe Vera does. In short? Aloe Ferox is the one to keep on your night stand or in your supplement cabinet! 

Aloe Ferox Loves Skin

Aloe Ferox is commonly used in skincare to treat inflammation, which makes it excellent for sunburn, irritated skin conditions and blemished skin. Adding to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also contains antioxidants, acts as an analgesic and a detoxicant, and has antiviral and antimicrobial properties! Another fun fact is that if you suffer from acne, the gel of Aloe Ferox may help treat inflammatory forms of it, such as pustules and nodules. Apply the gel with a cotton swab directly to the pimple three times daily to see a noticeable difference! 

Aloe Ferox Loves Your Gut

Aloe ferox is able to grow successfully in a wide range of habitats such as mountain slopes, rocky landscapes and flat, open areas. It is mostly known for its medicinal uses, but can also be used for cosmetics, food supplements and the leaves themselves are edible.

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Benefits of Ingesting Aloe Ferox

  • significant reduction in body weight and BMI
  • reduction in LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol, sometimes called “bad” cholesterol
  • improves FBG (Fasting Blood Glucose) levels
  • remarkable laxative properties
  • wonderful constipation remedy
  • rich in polysaccharides, glyconutrients, amino acids, chlorophyll, fiber, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids
  • supports the normal bile flow for detoxification of liver and gallbladder and purification of blood

Here is The Best Aloe Ferox Supplement

Klean has formulated a revolutionary metabolic enhancing and immune boosting supplement called Revive. It contains an incredible combination of immune boosting, digestion supporting and health stabilizing actives like Aloe Ferox, Bladderwrack, Dandelion Root, Slippery Elm and more, that not only provide your body with a robust set of tools to maintain a healthy digestive tract and immune system, but also provide efficient levels of much needed physical and mental energy. It can be used to assist with weight control and improved digestion, as well as will help treat symptoms associated with gut disorders and obesity. 

Say Aloe to real gut health and wellness!