3 Reasons You Don't Need to Dread Winter Weight!

For most, the scariest part of changing seasons is the fact that your weight fluctuates. But the narrative about weight and health is slowly changing, and we’re here for it! Let’s look into why we don’t need to dread those extra winter lbs (or kgs)!

Collecting fat to store over the colder months  is the most intelligent design by our bodies that has been refined over thousands of years. It is normal and natural! Don’t forget - shorter days, longer nights, decreased exercise, natural hormonal changes, and lack of activity are all potential culprits for winter weight gain. Here are three reasons why you don’t need to be scared of winter weight gain:

You can start appreciating your body’s evolutionary design

First things first, appreciating your body needs to be the first step in getting healthy. The number on the scale should not determine our eating and exercising habits, but understanding what our bodies need to thrive should. Honour your body, feed it what it needs, don’t be afraid to treat yourself and start loving what you see in the mirror!

Your metabolism might be speeding up

According to research from Maastricht University in the Netherlands, our metabolism increases in an effort to burn more energy to help us stay warm. Yes, this can mean feeling hungrier and opting for convenient comfort food, but if you stay on top of your cravings and keep healther snacking options at arms reach, you can actually end up feeling lighter and more energised!  

Nature is a powerful healer, use it!

Winter means more comfort food, higher salt intake and more date nights filled with vino by a fireplace. This means that your gut is in overdrive! We then tend to experience more bloating and immediate feelings of weight gain and discomfort. Anyone suffering with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) can attest to this. Drinking enough water is vital in order to avoid constipation and flush out the excess. Another amazing natural tool that helps you metabolise rich foods and regulate blood sugar levels is Klean’s Revive Capsules.

Klean has created Revive, a powerful blend of natural ingredients that are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that keep your gut functioning optimally during the slower winter months. With premium natural ingredients that include Bladderwrack, Dandelion Root, Yerba Mate, Ginger and so many more, the benefits are don’t just stop at feeling great. Klean’s Revive Capsules

  • Assists with bloating 
  • Increases energy levels 
  • Boosts metabolism 
  • Immune support 
  • Reduces water retention 
  •  Improves hydration 
  • Lowers cholesterol 
  • Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals 
  • Anti aging 
  • Encourages enhanced digestion
  • Assists with obesity and related disorders

To find out more about commonly used botanical medicines and their benefits,  click here.

See? Winter weight is nothing to fear. It’s a normal part of your body’s seasonal rhythm. There are ways to combat feeling uncomfortable mentally and physically. 
In the meantime, maintain a healthy digestive tract and immune system by shopping Revive Capsules today!