Here's Why Inulin Is Your New Best Friend!

Inulin is a sweet, starchy, water-soluble fibre that’s made by plants and used as an energy source. It’s found in large amounts in bananas, asparagus, leeks and chicory. It’s part of a group of carbohydrate chains called fructans, which are usually found in certain vegetables, but especially in onions, broccoli, as well as the fruits mentioned before. The human body finds it difficult to digest fructans like inulin, and that’s why it works as an effective prebiotic supplement!


Inulin, although it is not a sugar, is often used as a sugar substitute in foods and beverages. This dietary fibre acts as a prebiotic in your body and provides several health benefits which makes it a sweet, nutritious alternative to sugar.


Nourishes Your Gut

Prebiotics fibre like inulin feeds the good bacteria in the gut. Inulin also increases proliferation of the cells lining the colon, which prevents leaky gut. It reduces pathogenic bacterial numbers and increases beneficial microbe growth rates, which prevents gut permeability. Studies show that inulin also has an anti-inflammatory effect in the gut, alleviating many symptoms of IBS.

Weight Loss

Inulin weight loss occurs due to decreasing feelings of hunger, which can help with regulating appetite and food intake. In one study, people consuming higher levels of inulin report decreased appetite for sweet, salty and fatty food. In addition, as a soluble fibre, it also helps you feel fuller for longer.

Gets Things Moving

Because it is dietary fiber, inulin can stimulate bowel movements. Prebiotic fibre helps keep our bowels regular, which is important for overall intestinal health. It can also help get things moving, preventing constipation while also solidifying loose stools.

Better Sleep

About 90% of serotonin in the body is made in the gastro-intestinal tract. That’s because serotonin has many functions in the body including regulating hunger signals and bowel movements! But did you know that prebiotics like inulin promote the growth and good health of serotonin? Naturally, an increase of what’s known as “peripheral serotonin” in the blood will also mean an increase of this type of serotonin in the brain, promoting calmer thoughts and feelings and leading to a more restful night’s sleep.

Helps The Body To Absorb Nutrients

Inulin increases calcium absorption and possibly magnesium absorption while promoting the growth of intestinal bacteria. An inulin intake of least 8-10 g/day supports calcium absorption and total body bone density and mineral content in adolescents. It also significantly enhances calcium absorption and improves bone health in postmenopausal women and adult men.


The best way to take prebiotics like inulin is with a glass of water. Therefore, most people prefer to take them before a meal. It's not necessary to take them on an empty stomach, but it depends on your preference. Certain digestive conditions could determine how you time your prebiotics and meals. 

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